• Sir Edmond Walker1917

    Sir Edmond Walker1917

  • James B. Crippen   1922Founder

    James B. Crippen 1922Founder

  • Mrs. W.D. Ross1926

    Mrs. W.D. Ross1926

  • Mona Bates1926

    Mona Bates1926

  • Francec Loring1917

    Francec Loring1917

  • Albert Von Creigerin!934

    Albert Von Creigerin!934

  • Gracie Fields1941

    Gracie Fields1941

  • Sir Joseph Flavelle1932

    Sir Joseph Flavelle1932

    Sir Joseph Wesley Flavelle Bt, ca. 1918Sir Joseph Wesley Flavelle, 1st Baronet (15 February 1858 – 7 March 1939) was a Canadian businessman.Born in Peterborough, Ontario, he married Clara Ellsworth in 1882. Flavelle made his fortune in the meatpacking business as president of William Davies Company, which was the British Empire's largest pork packing firm. He subsequently became prominent in finance and commerce as chairman of the Bank of Commerce, National Trust and Simpson's department stores. He was Chairman of the Imperial Munitions Board during World War I and it was for reorganizing the industry that he was awarded his baronetcy in 1917. His was the last hereditary title to be granted to a Canadian resident due to the passage of the Nickle Resolution in 1919.Upon his death in 1939, he left his Queen's Park mansion to the University of Toronto, where it now forms part of the Faculty of Law.

  • Sir. James and Lady Woods1936

    Sir. James and Lady Woods1936

  • Mrs. D.W. Cawthra1928

    Mrs. D.W. Cawthra1928

  • Dr. Sir Frederick Grant Banting1923

    Dr. Sir Frederick Grant Banting1923

    Frederick Grant Banting discoverer of Insulin, was born November 14, 1891, on his family's farm in Alliston, Ontario. He attended Alliston Continuation School and completed his medical studies at the University of Toronto Medical School in 1916. He established a surgical practice in London, Ontario, supplementing his income as a medical demonstrator at the University of Western Ontario.In London he conceived the technique which might permit isolation of the anti-diabetic component of the pancreas. He returned to the University of Toronto in 1921 to conduct experiments on the pancreas at the labs of Dr. J. R. MacLeod. By the time the summer had ended, he and Charles Best had isolated Insulin. They were successful in testing their extract on diabetic dogs. Dr. J.B. Collip joined the team and developed the process by which Insulin could be purified and processed in sufficient amounts for clinical trials. The first human test was conducted in 1922 with spectacular results and the formula was given gratuitously to

  • Mrs. Emmanuel Hahn1939

    Mrs. Emmanuel Hahn1939

  • Sir Earnest MacMillan1932

    Sir Earnest MacMillan1932

  • General S. Ryerson1937

    General S. Ryerson1937

  • Vincent Massey1948

    Vincent Massey1948

  • George Washington Jones  1958

    George Washington Jones 1958

  • Colonel George H. McLaren1918

    Colonel George H. McLaren1918

  • Mme L. De G. Beaubien1959

    Mme L. De G. Beaubien1959

  • Harry Oakes1925

    Harry Oakes1925

  • Mrs. Harry Oakes1927

    Mrs. Harry Oakes1927

  • Mrs. Dale Harris1949

    Mrs. Dale Harris1949

  • Mrs.F.N.G. Starr1930

    Mrs.F.N.G. Starr1930

  • Eaton-Dunn Wedding1944

    Eaton-Dunn Wedding1944

  • C. Yesselstyn1953

    C. Yesselstyn1953

  • Carolyn Dale-Harris1965

    Carolyn Dale-Harris1965

  • Five PianistsStewart, Seitz, Malco, Godon, Guerero

    Five PianistsStewart, Seitz, Malco, Godon, Guerero

  • Taylor Statten1946

    Taylor Statten1946

  • E.P. Taylor1956

    E.P. Taylor1956

  • The Honourable John Robarts1962

    The Honourable John Robarts1962

  • Toby Robins1955

    Toby Robins1955

  • C.L. Gundy Esquire1955

    C.L. Gundy Esquire1955

  • Barbara Ann Scott1956

    Barbara Ann Scott1956

  • The Honourable Jean Lesage1955

    The Honourable Jean Lesage1955

  • Rt. Honourable Louis St. Laurent1950

    Rt. Honourable Louis St. Laurent1950

  • Frederick G. Gardiner Esq.1955

    Frederick G. Gardiner Esq.1955

  • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. LaBine  and Family

    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. LaBine and Family

  • Tommy Douglas, M.P.1964

    Tommy Douglas, M.P.1964

  • Rt. Honourable Lester B. Pearson1962

    Rt. Honourable Lester B. Pearson1962

  • Governor General Georges Vanier1963

    Governor General Georges Vanier1963

  • Dr. Marion Hilliard1954

    Dr. Marion Hilliard1954

  • Rt. Honourable John Diefenbaker1955

    Rt. Honourable John Diefenbaker1955

  • Proffessor G. Mc Lean1950

    Proffessor G. Mc Lean1950

  • Joel Aldred1957

    Joel Aldred1957

  • His Worship Philipp Givins1964

    His Worship Philipp Givins1964

  • Walter Sussking1958

    Walter Sussking1958

  • Major General and Mrs. A. Bruce Matthews1963

    Major General and Mrs. A. Bruce Matthews1963

  • Master Dan Gibson1923

    Master Dan Gibson1923

  • Dan Gibson1965

    Dan Gibson1965

  • Gordon Sinclair

    Gordon Sinclair

  • F.H. Kortright 1949

    F.H. Kortright 1949

  • Earnest Seitz1932

    Earnest Seitz1932

  • Queen Elizabeth II1957

    Queen Elizabeth II1957

  • Princess Margaret1958

    Princess Margaret1958

  • E. Boylen-Coulter1960

    E. Boylen-Coulter1960

  • Margaret Taylor1963

    Margaret Taylor1963

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